Woman tailoring CV

The route to a job interview requires a CV to be written and emailed to the employer. Sounds simple, right? However, with so many other candidates all fighting for the same position, only the best of the best will make it through further.

One of the single most important things you can focus upon when writing a CV is ensuring it’s completely written and tailored to the role and the company. This is without question one of the best ways to ensure your CV gets the recognition it deserves.

“With the increased competition in the jobs market, it is more important than ever to tailor your CV to each role you apply for.” –Hays Recruitment

But why should you always tailor your CV to the role?

It shows how dedicated you are

“Employers want to know what you can do for them and how your experience will benefit you in that specific role.” –The Undercover Recruiter

Your passion and dedication must shine through on your CV. A generically written application will not stand a chance against the competition because it will completely lack any of these things.

The employer wants to see that a candidate wants to work for the company, and it’s not just about salary or benefits. Job satisfaction plays a huge part for the employer, as they know that no amount of money or holiday entitlement is going to get the best out of an employee if they don’t have the passion and the drive to succeed.

An employee needs to be intrinsically motivated, and this is why a tailored CV will demonstrate that. The hiring manager can spot a tailored CV vs. a generic one from a mile away, and can quickly cast aside anything else that doesn’t meet the standard they’re after.

It will increase your chances of getting a job interview

“By making your CV specific to the role, you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed.” –RICS recruitment

A candidate that goes out of their way and makes the effort to research the company and the role will stand a far greater chance of getting an interview. Writing a CV that caters for the company’s needs will stand head and shoulders above a generic one.

The hiring manager wants to quickly see who has the right credentials for the role, which is why a tailored CV has far more success. The right skills, experience and qualifications will all be highlighted and brought to the forefront, allowing the employer to easily spot what they need.

Because you can and you care

“A hiring manager wants to read a CV and instantly recognise that the candidate is passionate about the role, and is dedicated to proving it.” –CV Template Master

If you are having any doubts whatsoever about whether or not you should write a tailored CV, we would question your passion for the role. Are you really interested in the job, or are you in it for the money?

If you really do care about your career and have a specific role in mind that’s on offer, then writing a tailored CV should be a no brainer. Your goal is to get an interview, and the only way you’re going to rise above the rest is to leave a lasting impression.

Conduct as much research as possible and find out what makes the company tick. The more you know about the company and the industry, the better chance you have at writing a CV that’s commercially aware. Simply listing all your skills and qualifications will not make the impact you need to succeed.