If you’ve never heard of a CV template and are currently in the job market, then read on to find out more. We’ve decided upon the three most important pros to using a CV template, and as an added bonus we’ve thrown in a couple of cons as well.

What is a CV template? 

When you write a CV you need to create all the different sections – choose a font, create bold headings, and so on. In some cases you may decide to create fancy text boxes or even add a few images. In any case, what you are doing is creating a template for the content of your CV.

There are lots of websites that offer free CV templates which you can download and use for yourself. If this is something you’d like to consider, here are the 3 pros to using a CV template to help you decide.

Will save you a lot of time 

If you’ve ever written a CV before then you’ll know that a large proportion of your time will be spent making it look professional, neat, organised, and easy to navigate. All of the sections you’ll require will need to be added and appropriately headed, which can take ages to adjust in Word or Excel.

If instead you opt to choose a ready made CV template, you will of course be saving yourself a lot of time. That time can then be used on the actual content of your CV, also saving you a lot of stress and worry.

Will look a lot better 

Unless you have some experience in graphic design you are not likely to be able to produce something better than a ready made CV template. This may seem like quite a bold statement, but for most people this will be true.

With hundreds to choose from you are sure to find something which will impress you. At the very least you will be inspired to create a similar template and write a great looking CV for your new boss.

Will ensure everything is included 

If you’re writing a CV for the first time you will need to know which sections to include. A CV template can do that for you, and even the most experienced of CV writers may be missing out on a section which could further boost their chances of getting an interview.

Choosing the right CV template for you is important if you want to get it right the first time. Here’s a great article from The Guardian to help you with this called – Choosing a CV template.

Bonus information!

Here are a couple of cons to using a CV template to further help you make the right decision.

May not be the right choice 

There are a few websites out there that don’t offer a great selection of CV templates. These less than professional sites need to be avoided at all costs. To help ensure you are choosing a CV template from a reputable company you should delve deeper into what they have to offer.

Do they offer helpful and friendly advice? How many CV templates do they have on their site? These are two great questions to try and answer to help you decide if the website you’ve landed upon is worthy of your attention.

Not all the hard work is done 

A common mistake a job seeker will make when using a CV template is that they forget to focus upon their content. Not all the hard work is done at this stage, and although your CV template looks fantastic and professional, the employer is still also going to be interested in your credentials.

Don’t rely on the looks of your CV to carry you through to a job interview. You still need to tailor your skills to the role and impress the employer with both the presentation and qualifications.