Job interview jewellery

When it comes to choosing clothes for job interviews, most of us are quite confident in selecting an appropriate suit, shirt and shoes. But what of jewellery? Opinions are certainly divided on whether jewellery is appropriate for job interviews and how much is too much.


Whilst most of us will reach for plain ear studs or something similar, there really is nothing wrong in choosing a bolder pair of earrings. The key here is to balance your look. If you’re wearing a busy shirt, go for simple studs or plain threader earrings – but if you’re wearing a plain top, shirt or dress, a bold pair of earrings can really add the detail and finishing touch that your outfit needs. If you do opt for big, bold earrings, go easy on the rest of your jewellery. One additional item, such as a very plain bangle, watch or chunky ring, will be enough.


A bracelet or bangle can set off your outfit in the same way as a bold pair of earrings. However, the key is not to overdo it – if you’ve selected bold earrings, go plain on the bracelet. If you’ve selected other items such as a necklace or rings, leave the bracelet off altogether.


Necklaces can ‘fill the space’ if you’re wearing a top with a lower neck. They can sometimes look a bit too ‘matchy’ if they are perfectly paired with your earrings, so try to avoid wearing a set with an identical design. Instead, look for items that complement each other, such as this geometric triangle, star and circle combination:

Job interview jewellery


People often collect rings over the years and wear them all together without really thinking about their outfit. You can end up looking like your great grandmother with stacks of encrusted gold jewels on your fingers – so think about leaving these at home for the interview.

Your rings should compliment your outfit and any other jewellery you’re wearing. They don’t necessarily need to match but the style must be right.

General tips

“The right accessory puts the cherry on top of any look. They’re details that garner you all of the compliments.” ~ Isabel Mundigo-Moore

For individual pieces, try to match like-for-like with metals. For example, if you’ve chosen silver earrings, don’t wear a gold necklace. However, you can get away with wearing pieces that combine metals – for example, silver earrings and a silver/rose gold bangle.

If you’ve got any particularly expensive or flashy pieces, leave these at home. You don’t know anything about the background or circumstances of the person interviewing you so you cannot know in advance how flashy, expensive jewellery will be perceived. It won’t help you get the job, so don’t wear it.

If you’re interviewing for a jewellery retail position, there’s even more pressure to put together an effective look. Take a look through the latest fashion mags for inspiration – Cosmo, for example, has lots of ideas for cute jewellery brands. Hello is also worth a peak if you’re into celeb style, especially the Royals.