It’s getting to that time of year again, recruiters are gearing up for that final push to bag some vacancies before the festive season hits.

Whilst it’s tempting to relax and just start winding down, we think that this December is the perfect opportunity for recruiters to get proactive, and set themselves up to be in the best possible position come January.

It’s not just sleigh bells that should be ringing…

Recruiters: don’t get tempted to be lazy this Christmas! Pick up the phone and call those candidates.

We get it, it’s unlikely that you’ll land many permanent placements for December, but odds are, you’ll scope out some great candidates ready for January. Scout some top talent and enjoy the breathing space you’ll get as the competition for jobs and vacancies dips.

Most companies will be holding off on hiring until their budgets get renewed in January, but if you can line up some fantastic job candidates ready for them, it’s a reasonable bet to say your recruitment agency will be the first port of call come the New Year.

Who knows, if a candidate is really something, why wouldn’t a company hire them straight off the bat? Christmas is a time of reflection and new resolutions, so many candidates will be more open to discussing their career options and thinking about where they see themselves heading. Use this!

Make your own “Nice” list

Whilst there’s not much call for you to make a list of who’s been naughty, registering “nice” candidates on your recruitment database is a really good way to get ahead come January.

Open a dialogue between yourselves and your candidates, and make sure you come across as a trustworthy and reliable recruiter.

Even if they aren’t currently considering a move, the fact that you bothered to get in touch and wish them a happy Christmas is likely to resonate positively with them. If they change their minds or start to feel the pinch on their wallets post-holiday season, they’ll likely think of you.

Take a tip from Santa and start making a few visits…

Ok, so we’re not saying start flying from house to house, but making a few account management visits is a bright idea.

Now is definitely not the time to be going all silent night on your clients, instead, make an effort to check in with them, and see if there’s anything you can do to improve your relationship.

Strengthening the bonds between your recruitment agency and existing clients is a great way to promote goodwill and glad tidings – the product of which may well be first dibs on new vacancies or a foot in the door come January.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be offered some milk and cookies…

Get those interviews in the bag (or sack)

If your candidates can get through the interview process before Christmas, they’ll be all ready to start when the New Year does.

Take advantage of the fact that many of your clients will be winding down and thus be less busy than usual, and schedule your interviews for December. Get in there with time for the process to go through, and you’ll be presenting candidates who could potentially start straight after Christmas, instead of being lost in the vetting system until February.

Christmas is also the best time for candidates to start new jobs, giving them a quiet couple of weeks to settle in and complete any necessary training. Be sure to sell this to your clients!

We don’t believe in being lazy when it comes to getting unique candidates through your doors. So you can be sure that even in this festive season, our specialist job boards will be effective and proactive in attracting those fantastic job seekers.

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