Have you ever wondered why those around you seem to get short listed for promotion before you?

Trying to climb the career ladder can be a long and difficult process. But there are quite a few things you can do that can help move things along a little. Having the right attitude and the way in which you conduct yourself at work will make or break your chances of promotion.

Here are the 4 personal traits that might gain you a promotion:-

A positive attitude

“The people who typically get promoted keep their cool under stress. They also act as a role model to everyone around them. They meet deadlines and ask relevant, intelligent questions that help clients be happier with our services. When an issue arises, they want to solve it and work to avoid future problems by learning from their mistakes.” Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

Having a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook will inspire others around you. We’ve all worked with people who are very pessimistic and are always the first to complain when something goes wrong – so strive to be the opposite of this depressing individual!

If you want to be at the top of the promotion list you need to create a reputation for being a positive individual who goes out of their way to help others. You should be the ‘go to’ person when the going gets tough, and someone who your peers can rely on through difficult times.

Keep your cool

There will always be something that goes wrong in the workplace. Whether it’s a small problem or a complete mess of a situation, you should be the one that keeps their cool.

Remaining calm and keeping your anger in check shows great strength, maturity and potential leadership qualities. You would expect this of your manager and so should expect it of yourself. No matter how frustrated you are feeling inside, keep cool and don’t let it show.

In time you will begin to realise that this is always the best option, and your frustrations will be easier to deal with each time something goes wrong.

Be confident

“If you doubt yourself too much and fail to deliver the goods consistently, you are going to stay right where you are.” Martin Carline, CV Template Master

To gain a promotion and become a manager or supervisor of a team would require a great deal of confidence. Even if this is something you struggle with you should consider how you come across to others, and shape the way you act and speak.

If you are a naturally confident person then the one piece of advice we would give is to ensure it doesn’t step over the line to become arrogant. Sometimes there is a fine line between the two, and whilst confidence can spread to others and create a positive atmosphere; arrogance can have the opposite effect.

If your confidence levels are quite low, there are lots of ways to increase this. Don’t be afraid to volunteer yourself for presentations or training programs. Any time there is a situation that presents itself that could help you to step outside your comfort zone and develop your confidence – take it!

Be adaptable

Always remain flexible if you want to move up in a company. If you stick around long enough you will always see some kind of change – no matter how large or small.

“A good employee volunteers his or her efforts before even being asked. They volunteer for more tasks and responsibility, and not just because of immediate reward.” How to be Promotable

The employees that embrace change and help the company move forward are always viewed as an asset to the business. Whether it’s a move to another department, taking on additional tasks, or having to share your cheese sandwich when the fridge breaks – stay flexible and ready for the unexpected.